Water Tank Projects

City of San Bruno
Mr. Barry Timko, Water Services Superintendent
Assess the condition of the coating and the extent of corrosion damage to a 400,000 gallon pre-stressed water storage tank. This inspection consisted of a visual inspection of the interior and exterior surfaces of the tank, conducting ultrasonic thickness measurements of the floor plates and shell plates, and testing the coating integrity and coating thickness. Recommendations for rehabilitation were provided.



North Coast County Water Agency
Mr. George Kanakaris, General Manager, Pacifica, CA
Conducted a coating and corrosion evaluation of 12 steel water storage tanks ranging in size from 5-million gallons to 250,000 gallons. This inspection consisted of conducting a detailed coating evaluation as well as determining the degree and extent of any corrosion damage. Provided recommendations for rehabilitation of the twelve tanks and prepared a detailed cost estimate for the repair of each tank.



Diablo Water District
Mr. Mike Yeraka, General Manager, Oakley, CA
Designed a cathodic protection system for a 2.5-million gallon steel water storage tank. The cathodic protection system consisted of a sacrificial type of protection system utilizing magnesium anodes. Assisted the District in the bidding process, provided on-site inspection services during system installation and energized and adjusted the system following completion of the installation.