Our Company

JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc. is an engineering company specializing in providing corrosion consulting services to clients in the fields of water and wastewater treatment and transmission, storage tanks, bridges, pier, piling & other off-shore marine structures, mining and minerals, aerospace, petroleum refining and distribution, electric power generation, transportation industry, municipalities and state and federal government agencies.

JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc. specializes in conducting condition assessments, providing corrosion failure analysis, selection of materials for corrosive environments, cathodic protection design and engineering maintenance, stray current analysis, conducting corrosion research projects, selection and specification of protective coatings systems, failure analysis of protective coatings, construction inspection services and expert witness consulting in litigations.

JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc. has successfully completed more than 3,500 projects since our inception in 1995, and we are proud that over 90% of our work consists of repeat business with clients. We believe that our highly successful repeat business demonstrates JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc.’s capability to manage both large and small corrosion inspection/design projects in a timely and professional manner.

JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc. has established an excellent and long-standing reputation with many A&E firms, municipalities, state and federal government agencies and utilities throughout California for providing quality corrosion engineering services despite demanding schedules and challenging budgets. We take particular pride in our ability to protect the infrastructure through the use of “innovative corrosion engineering solutions”.

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